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WELCOME to ELEVATE! the Children's Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church! We count it a privilege to partner with you as "we" - parents and the church - raise up the next generation of Christ-followers.

In ELEVATE! we believe that kids need ,,,

... A REALLY BIG GOD - a God kids know is big enough to handle whatever they face. A God they can trust NO MATTER WHAT!

... UNCOMMON SENSE -  kids need to know God's point of view and His truths so they are equipped to make the WISE CHOICE;

... ANOTHER VOICE - as kids grow it becomes important for them to have other adults in their lives that SAY and BELIEVE what their parents SAY and BELIEVE.

So again, THANK YOU for being here. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with you and your family as we raise up the next generation.


Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (NIV)